This little site has been created to keep some memories of the best pub in the world alive and to tell a story of a guy that almost lived there (me)...

Welcome to the Mezz!

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The Mezz is a wonderful, if not the best place to spend your time in. It is Dublin's version of "Birdland" (an infamous pub in New York). Down them stairs, loose them cares, where? Mezz in Dublin ;).
The great thing about the Mezz is there is live music every day, monday to sunday, and that music isn't just some touristy stuff - its great music played by great musicians! It's always admission-free and the bands are really really good. They play mainly cover songs but a few bring their own songs.
There is Jazz, Swing, Folk, Blues, Ska, Reggae, OpenMic, Soul, Pop, Rock, Salsa. Another thing that I really liked about the Mezz is that there is always an international crowd - mainly spanish and italian people, swedish, french, a few germans and of course irish ;).
Yet another great thing about the Mezz is that it is open until 3am every night (as long as the crowd is there) and many bands rock the crowd until closing. This is a rarity in Dublin. Even on weekends you have be lucky to find a night club that opens until 3am.

The inside

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Here you can see some of the great bands that play there.
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Eustace Street

The street infront of the Mezz was usually crowded due to the smoking ban in irish pubs and as well because it was too packed inside anyway.
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I have spent so many nights in this pub. I really miss it and I hope one day I'll find (or open it myself) a place like the Mezz in Berlin. Altough I have to admit, that I have never had a "perfect" pint of Guinness there, but so I had at least one reason to see also other pubs ;) ...

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