Als Informatiker muss ich mich natürlich auch dem Thema Computer widmen.

ov511-2.32-linux-2.6.27 DEPRECATED. This is the ov511-2.32 driver, patched to make it work with Skype and brought up to date to run with Kernel 2.6.27. This driver includes the JPEG decoding, which is why it is not in the main kernel (they don't want such code blocks in the kernel for good reasons), so it can be used when no hardware decoding is available. Works fine (some visual problems though) with my "Terratec TerraCAM USB Pro". Feel free to try this if you need. Modules should be installed manually.
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back in 2003FlickerkisteMy digital camera (RICOH Caplio RR120) can take sequenced pictures. The problem is, it saves all the (smaller) images into one file on the memory card. Thats why I wrote this program to cut out all the single images and save them to disc seperately so they can be used to create an animation somewhere Delphi7 Source Code